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What the City Council does not seem to have noticed is the translation that has been made into seven languages. The new web portal, developed by Creaciones Semarac in exchange for 6,000 euros, is being the talk of translation professionals nationwide. Criticism for the “very low quality” is unanimous, and the adjectives range from “shameful” or “pathetic” to “shoddy”.

From the PRC, José María Fuentes-Pila, have criticized the “umpteenth ridiculous” of the Department of Tourism, which the regionalist spokesman has demanded “more work to stop once and for all to embarrass the people of Santander”. At this point, he lamented that the “poverty” of the presence of Santander in Fitur, with “the retouching of a website that already exists and a promotional video” as maximum bets, now add the new “fiasco” with a translation made.

The Councilor for Tourism, Miriam Diaz, has defended itself from criticism arguing that the government team has prioritized the launch of the new website to be operational for FITUR, but has ensured that work continues on the adjustment of content, as well as its official translation into English.

Retransmission of Racing – UD Las Palmas

Safety distance of at least one and a half meters, maximum possible ventilation and use of approved mask are the three basic indications of the health authorities to prevent infection during the pandemic and that a Cantabrian telemarketing company has skipped making full of non-compliance.

This employee wished to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals from the company, as did the rest of the workers consulted by this media, who have not even agreed to make statements under this formula. Nor has the company commented on the matter.

“They make us sign documents in which they force us to accept that all the costs of Internet, devices and work equipment are on our account, in addition to imposing the type of connection or the brand of antivirus that we have to use,” he explains. So they have no choice but to give their consent because “the fear is twofold”: of reprisals on the one hand, and of returning to face-to-face work on the other.

Margallo bets on “taking advantage of the times of change to

The germ of what today is the PRC is found in the Association for the Defense of the Interests of Cantabria (ADIC), an organization that in the midst of the Transition proposed the creation of a regionalist and independent party to promote the autonomy of Cantabria and compete in the municipal elections of 1979.

Cantabria wins’ is the slogan that presides over this XII Regional Congress of the PRC in which nine papers are discussed to define the main lines of the regionalist government program for the next legislature, with which it is intended that the community “win quality of life, territorial cohesion, competitiveness and wealth, prominence and future, and in which Santander has a key role.

Fuentes-Pila: “Los ciudadanos de Santander no quieren ser

El Jurado del 20º Concurso Internacional de Piano de Santander, reunido tras la cuarta de las sesiones de recitales semifinales del Concurso, celebradas del 29 de julio al 1 de agosto en la Sala Pereda del Palacio de Festivales de Cantabria, ha dado a conocer los nombres de los 6 participantes que pasarán a la fase final del concurso.

El jueves 4 de agosto será el turno de Xiaolu Zang con el Concierto para piano y orquesta Op. 23 nº 1 en si bemol menor de Tchaikovsky; seguido de Domonkos Csabay con el Concierto para piano y orquesta nº 3 en mi mayor, Sz. 119, BB 127 de Bartók, y cerrando la final, Jaeden Izik-Dzurko y el Concierto para piano y orquesta Op. 30 nº 3 en re menor de Rachmaninov.

El Concurso de Santander está dotado con importantes premios en metálico -cerca de 90.000 euros- a repartir entre el Primer, Segundo y Tercer Premio, el Gran Premio de Santander, el Premio del Público, los Premios Laureados y los Diplomas. Además, ofrece al ganador y a los finalistas una serie de actuaciones en prestigiosas salas de todo el mundo. Por su número y relevancia, estas actuaciones van más allá de ser un trampolín para sus carreras, constituyen una primera etapa sólida de su trayectoria profesional. Además de estos premios, se concederá una grabación de un CD bajo el sello Naxos al ganador del Primer Premio, y el galardonado con el “Premio Especial al Mejor Intérprete de Música de Cámara”, que será seleccionado entre todos los participantes en la Semifinal, ganará una actuación junto al Cuarteto Casals.

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