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A lack of understanding between a bungee jumping instructor and a young girl who was about to jump ended in tragedy in 2015 in Cabezón de la Sal. The man said “no jump”, meaning “don’t jump”, and the girl, a Dutch national, could have understood “now jump”, meaning “jump now”. The correct way to say “no jump” would have been “don’t jump”.

The fatal accident occurred on the Cedeja viaduct, which is 40 meters high and runs over the A-8 at the height of the Cantabrian town of Cabezón de la Sal. The young Vera Mol died when she jumped from the bridge with the harness on, but without being fixed, due to a misunderstanding when she was receiving instructions.

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half Castilian and half Cantabrian enclave that allows the province to be part of that group of chosen ones that are crossed by the largest river in the Iberian Peninsula, the Ebro. Its course has for three kilometers Palencia banks in the town of Báscones de Ebro, one of the four villages that make up the municipality along with Berzosilla, Cuillas, Olleros de Paredes Rubias. And over these waters jumps a bridge

It was blown up during the Civil War and ordered to be rebuilt in the post-war period (using political prisoners as laborers) by the then Minister of Labor, the Palencia-born Falangist José Antonio Girón, which is why the coat of arms of Palencia, carved in stone, can still be seen over one of its eyes.

The church of Báscones, like the village, is of medieval origin; of Gothic style, with a nave covered by a ribbed vault. Its main altarpiece is from the 18th century with a sculpture of a mother and child from the 16th century. On the epistle side there is a 16th century tabernacle. In Cuillas, the church of San Vicente conserves Romanesque vestiges.

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The young woman was the main dancer of the orchestra and responsible for the choreographies of the 15 components which make up the group, whose performance was suspended after the event, which took place shortly before 2 am.

Diputación Provincial de Ávila, through its president Carlos García González, has expressed on behalf of the entire Corporation, the workers of the Institution and the entire province of Avila, its “deepest sorrow” for the death of the dancer.

It is hoped that the causes of the death will be clarified “in all its extremes”, with the “wish” that circumstances like these “will not be repeated” and that Joana’s relatives “find some consolation for such an irreparable loss”.

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Es habitual que los estudiantes viajen al extranjero durante sus últimos años aprovechando programas como Erasmus, Leonardo u otros intercambios. Pero un accidente, una enfermedad, una lesión de un tercero, un imprevisto familiar cuando se está fuera de casa puede salir muy caro.

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